Zuma WebDesign is a freelance webdesign company in Vancouver, BC.

I am a certified Web Designer/Developer. I'm fully bilingual in English and German and thanks to the world wide web I'm not restricted by my geographical location.
My background is in dentistry and I'm well versed in science/medical language.

I have a passion for design, graphics and photography. At the same time I love the challenge of coding a site.
For my web design I have studied varied subjects of all aspects of web design including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, Info Architecture and Usability, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Most of my layouts are created in Photoshop first which allows full freedom in design and truly unique websites. My layouts are fully CSS controlled which gives me the power to use my Photoshop layouts without messy code and cross-browser issues.

It would be my pleasure to work with you and build your website. Contact me here.